Accelerating the future of minimally invasive care

Intuitive Ventures invests in companies reimagining the future of minimally invasive care. Our global focus spans diagnostics, MedTech, therapies, and digital health.

With $250 million in assets under management, we back teams that share our passion for advancing positive patient outcomes, improving provider experience, and increasing the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Our team brings unique expertise as veteran investors, physicians, healthcare executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Intuitive Ventures' experience as operators and clinicians combined with unique access to Intuitive's technical and commercial reach enables our portfolio companies to revolutionize the delivery of patient care.


    years Intuitive has spent transforming minimally invasive care


    da Vinci systems in 70 countries


    procedures performed worldwide through 2022 using da Vinci systems


    AUM supporting early stage start ups

    What we do

    Intuitive Ventures extends Intuitive's commitment to converging robotic systems, digital tools, and clinical needs in search of new ways to understand, diagnose, treat, and manage disease.

    We apply Intuitive's strengths and abilities in the fields of robotic surgery and minimally invasive care to support independent initiatives in four focus areas:

    • Improving access and coordination - lowering the barriers to minimally invasive care through driving efficient, cost-effective, accessible and coordinated care
    • Precision diagnostics and interventions - leveraging the convergence of MedTech, life sciences, and therapeutics to drive precise diagnostics and interventions in minimally invasive care
    • Secure, enriched digital ecosystems- unlocking the potential of novel healthcare data to enhance minimally invasive care

    What sets us apart

    • Aligned for success - our nimble structure and financial alignment empower us to invest early and support our portfolio companies' pioneer markets
    • Wealth of experience - we provide resources and guidance needed to support our entrepreneurs and management teams to reach their major milestones
    • Deep strategic value- we leverage the unique strengths of Intuitive to accelerate the impact of our portfolio companies