We are proud to be the capital partners of ambitious founders who actively seek to change the status quo.


Amber Therapeutics is developing the first adaptive neuromodulation therapy that treats both urge and stress symptoms for women with mixed urinary incontinence.

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Capstan Medical is developing next-generation structural heart valve implants and a catheter-based, robotic delivery platform.

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Endogenex is developing device therapies for GI and metabolic disease processes.

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Flywheel's comprehensive data management platform accelerates the future of biomedical research and collaboration.

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KelaHealth provides an advanced surgical AI platform and perioperative clinical decision support tools.

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MedCrypt's cybersecurity software platform helps medical device manufacturers build secure devices, quickly.

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Neocis is bringing the power of surgical robotics to dentistry.

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Optellum helps clinicians identify and track at-risk lung nodule patients and make optimal clinical decisions.

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SURGE is a platform for extended local delivery of cancer immunotherapy in the context of tumor resection.

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